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Strategic Objectives

Be pioneers within the

green economy

Promote new profitable and sustainable business models associated to the management of forest ecosystems, ecosystem services of natural protected areas and biodiversity.

Share our knowledge and provide guidance

One of FUNDECOR´s primary goals is to promote our platform of consultancy, technical assistance, cooperation and fundraising projects to support issues related to the sustainable management of forest ecosystem, to provide guidance for ecosystem services and to preserve natural protected areas and their biodiversity.

Diversify our resources

Specially those associated to fundraising, consultancy, technical assitance and cooperation projects thanks to a more ample positioning.

Provide innovative solutions 

As with the Breating Lab, through the collaborative generation of knowledge in Integrated Landscape Management approaches, based on decision-making and the implementation of environmental and sustainable solutions.

Become successful drivers of knowlege

Through a collective platform for the positioning, transfer, and exchange of technical information generated by the Breathing Lab.

Inpire audiences

We want to consolidate and expand on strategic partnership at a local, national and global level (with civil society and the private and public sector) to implement solutions for issues related to forest ecosystem management, ecosystem services and biodiversity.

Start at home

One of our primary objectives is to maximize the efficient allocation and use of resources in FUNDECOR through the systematic development of human capital and the improvement of internal governance.