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Local Forest Management


One of the services offered by FUNDECOR, sustainable forest management seeks to maintain and improve the condition of the forest (extension, structure, composition), promoting benefits for the owner, without having a negative effect on the environmental services provided by the forest.


FUNDECOR designs and calibrates technological tools for all stages of the management process: planning, consultation with the State Forestry Administration, field work for the technical study and map, implementation of the use and subsequent monitoring and impact assessment.

Good forest management planning has allowed for the medium and long-term sustainability of forest resources.


Environmental Education and Awareness

Resilient development involves generating local dynamics that can adapt to changing environmental conditions.


For this reason, we at FUNDECOR believe in promoting an environmentally supportive, inclusive and collaborative culture that enhances the ability of individuals to always press on and overcome adverse environmental conditions.


Our citizen awareness program is based on the fundamental principles of the Earth Charter:

 respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice, democracy, non-violence and peace,

which are deeply embedded in our actions in aspects related to community and territory,  interculturality and interdisciplinarity and citizen participation.

International Technical Assistance

Assistance in the design of Payment for Ecosystem Services Programs.

Capacity building in forest ecosystem management.

Capacity building for the participatory management of Natural Protected Area Systems.

Advice on sustainable forest management, including the management of natural forest and forest plantations.

Mitigation and adaptation to climate change for the forestry sector.

Tropical Leaves

Application of VANT technology in the management of forest ecosystems.