FUNDECOR Proposes Costa Rica as a Catalyst for Local Action in Natural Resource Management

As part of the first international Earth Optimism Summit, which took place recently in Washington D.C., The Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range (FUNDECOR, by its acronym in Spanish) presented Costa Rica’s experience in environmental conservation and the promotion of sustainable development to world conservationist leaders. Costa Rica was described as a “Living Laboratory” and as a catalyst for positive actions that can be recreated in other regions that are facing serious challenges in natural resource management.

“With the concept of the ‘Living Laboratory,’ and the opportunity it gave us to share our knowledge with the world and once again promote an innovative agenda, we took advantage of the progress that Costa Rica has already made so that we could bring an interesting, valuable proposal to the table. This proposal exposes Costa Rica as a country where it is possible to go further and add elements promoting actions that benefit the planet, making our message new and refreshingly different from the rest. More than a simple proposal outline, it is a plan for innovative development based on the strengths of our country, and has been well received,” explained Felipe Carazo, executive director of FUNDECOR.

Moreover, Carazo said that there are people all over the world with many ideas and initiatives with a lot of potential – to which much value can be added – that are willing to fight for a balanced world that produces good things. Costa Rica, as country with a long history of trying to do things right, could be a catalyst for many of these initiatives.

To achieve this, it is important to learn to work with the environmentalists and conservationists, creating synergy that allows us to start talking, not about a conservationist agenda, but one of sustainable development, so that we can proceed in accordance with the type of development that humanity is striving for.

Photo by: FUNDECOR.

“As Costa Ricans, we have to realize that we need to keep making progress and that, even though we have achieved a lot, we still need to work towards a developmental agenda that is in balance with our use of natural resources,” he commented.

This goal forms the backdrop for the “Unidos por el Bosque” platform, which FUNDECOR recently launched with the aim to share news and stories of a positive, inspiring and optimistic nature about the people who live, work, and visit Costa Rica’s Central Volcanic Mountain Range.

“’Unidos por el Bosque” is our instrument for showing how our model is constructed using solutions from the bottom up, starting with people, and is based on putting cables and connections in the ground, validating information at the local level, and finding solutions in what we call the 30 meters that are between the forest floor and canopy. It is our mechanism for projecting the message to modest, hardworking people – those who shape the use of the resources – that small actions can make big impacts, and that their contribution give us the optimism, courage and hope that we need to guarantee that all of our effort, as a society, truly has an impact,” concluded Carazo.

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