FUNDECOR Promotes Earth Optimism from its Platform Unidos por el Bosque

On Earth Day, celebrated this Saturday, April 22, the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range (FUNDECOR, by its acronym in Spanish) will officially launch its local platform: Unidos por el Bosque (Together for the Forest in english).

This platform is a space to publicly share positive, constructive and inspiring news and stories from people who live, work and visit the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, from a local perspective.

Photo by: Cristina Weidlich-FUNDECOR.

“Local actions promote sustainable development and help us target a new global challenge. Unidos por el Bosque is a platform that arrives at an important moment to connect us with people from the territory we work at”, explained Ana Ureña, the Alliances and Communications manager of FUNDECOR.

According to this, there are several good actions and projects developing in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range that will be announced by a local network of reporters through “Unidos por el Bosque”.

“We hope we can spread this positivism to citizens, so that every day there will be more people developing local actions to reconnect with the forest”, added Cristina Weidlich, coordinator of Unidos por el Bosque.” Unidos por le Bosque tells stories about people who live and work in the mountain range and their relationship with the forest and the nature around them. Also, FUNDECOR wants to introduce the concept of integrated landscape management to citizens, since we all inhabit a space that gives us lots of environmental benefits; those are the same surroundings where we promote socio-productive and local economic development activities that allow us to conserve forests and nature. Likewise, through Unidos por el Bosque people can share their experiences about the places they have visited, tourist attractions, and other things they have discovered in this space, well known for its beauty, called the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.

To learn more about the project and participate in it, you can visit our website www.fundecor.org/unidosporelbosque

FUNDECOR at the first Earth Optimism Summit

At the same time, on Earth Day, FUNDECOR will participate in the first Earth Optimism Summit, a conference organized by the prestigious Smithsonian Institute that will include the participation of more than 1200 intellectuals, scientists, artists and environmentalists, as well as civic and business leaders from around the world.

The event will take place in Washington, D.C., April 21-23, and FUNDECOR will be one of the 150 speakers.

FUNDECOR will present at "Incomes from Nature", concerning ways to make a living based on biodiversity and how value has been generated from natural resource management.

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