FUNDECOR joins the first Earth Optimism Summit

With Earth Day approaching on Saturday, April 22, the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range (FUNDECOR, by its acronym in Spanish) was invited to participate in the first Earth Optimism Summit, which will take place in Washington, D.C., April 21-23.

Photo by: Alexa Morales- FUNDECOR.

The activity is being organized by the prestigious Smithsonian Institute and will include the participation of more than 150 speakers, in addition to 1200 intellectuals, scientists, artists and environmentalists, as well as civic and business leaders from around the world.

Among the speakers is the executive director of FUNDECOR, Felipe Carazo, who will tell the successful story of our organization in the management and conservation of natural resources, as well as explain FUNDECOR’s participation in the event in greater detail.

What is the goal of the Earth Optimism Summit?

Earth Optimisim is a global initiative and the event aims to celebrate a change of focus for conservation, solution oriented rather than problem.

We are facing a reality supported by scientific studies that reveals a rapid loss of habitat, we are witnessing the growing effects of an accelerated climate change. This event will increase the solutions to this reality, that good practices in terms of global conservation, the achievements we have achieved.

The event has a lot of credibility among scientists and naturalists around the world. What it aims to do is send an inspiring message to the people of the planet: it is possible to move towards a world in which nature is part of development.

What will be your role in the Earth Optimism Summit?

I am invited as a speaker in one of the sessions of the event called "Incomes from Nature", which deals with livelihoods based on biodiversity, over how value has been generated from the management of natural resources, of the natural capital.

The idea is for me to transmit a valuable and powerful message about the Costa Rica and FUNDECOR’s history as a successful and pioneer effort in forest management, which has resulted in income generation, development and added value stemming from nature.

What does it mean for FUNDECOR to participate in the Earth Optimism Summit?

It’s an honor, but above all, a responsibility. It’s an honor because this is a conference bringing together people, professionals, institutions and efforts at the world level, so the fact that FUNDECOR has been invited to talk about its experience means that, while we are a small organization, our results have worldwide transcendence, for which reason we are understandably proud.

But it is also a responsibility, a challenge to keep innovating and proposing ideas to feed the optimism that the planet should have in searching for conservation solutions and finding sustainable ways to manage natural resources.

What are your expectations of the Earth Optimism Summit?

We have many expectations, but the biggest one is to get that global audience, all of those high-level experts on the subject of natural resources, to see Costa Rica as a world laboratory for the development, testing and generation of solutions and measurable knowledge, and to show them that, while FUNDECOR can generate an immediate positive impact at the national level, it can also provide an example for the proper management of tropical forests in other countries.

That is, we wish for Costa Rica to be perceived, from the standpoint of income and nature, as the best laboratory for the world.

What will be the biggest challenge?

It will definitely be to transmit an inspiring message based on Costa Rica and FUNDECOR’s experience in the development of practices that give priority to the responsible management of our forests. The most important thing is to make a good impression on the people of the planet through the megaphone of the Earth Optimism Summit, and to show them that our experience is motivating, inspiring, and can provide a global example for all the countries that are struggling to generate income from their efforts to manage nature sustainably.

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