Costa Rica a Breathing Laboratory for the World

One Earth Day, FUNDECOR will speak at the first Earth Optimism Summmit.

Photo by: PUCCI.

As part of Earth Day, on Saturday, April 22, the Foundation for the Development of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range (FUNDECOR, by its acronym in Spanish) will motivate the world’s population by sharing its positive experiences in the sustainable management of tropical forests.

For FUNDECOR, the date represents a key, defining moment that will allow humanity to understand that its future depends upon the sustainable use and conservation of nature.

“The Earth Day is an opportunity to realize that our future is tied in with the proper management of natural resources; we must move towards a development model that has sustainability as its starting point and allows us to build our future on firm ground,” stated Felipe Carazo, the executive director of FUNDECOR.

FUNDECOR was invited to participate in the first Earth Optimism Summit, a conference organized by the prestigious Smithsonian Institute, which celebrates a change in focus from problem to solution in the field of global conservation, with an unprecedented participation of more than 150 speakers, in addition to 1200 intellectuals, scientists, artists and environmentalists, as well as civic and business leaders from around the world.

The event will take place in Washington, D.C., April 21-23, and FUNDECOR will be one of its 150 speakers, participating in a session called “Incomes from Nature”, which will address livelihoods based on biodiversity and how natural resource management adds value to development.

“The Earth Optimism Summit is a megaphone to showcase our experience in a motivating and inspiring way. We will share the message, before a global audience containing high-level experts on the topic of conservation and sustainable development, that Costa Rica is a Breathing Laboratory for the world regarding the development, testing and generation of solutions and measurable knowledge, which has an immediate positive impact on many other countries with tropical forests,” explained Carazo.

Carazo also added that FUNDECOR’s case “is a global example for all the countries that are struggling to make their nature management efforts reflect positively in their national development.”

On a final note, Carazo emphasized that the importance of FUNDECOR’s participation in the summit lies in sending an inspiring message to the world concerning Costa Rica and FUNDECOR’s experience in the development of practices that give priority to the responsible management of our forests, as well as the benefits that this creates for people.

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