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Since 1991, FUNDECOR has been innovating in the areas of science and technology to design, plan and implement activities that promote sustainable development in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range.


FUNDECOR has become a successful pioneer and an inspiration for the sustainable use of the forest and the services it offers us.


FUNDECOR´s accumulated experience and consolidated prestige are powerful and valuable assets, which are the result of the unprecedented development of sustainable forest management models, financial mechanisms to compensate ecosystem services and experiential environmental education models.



Ecosystem services

The design and implementation of the Payment for Environmental Services (PES) Program

Intent on providing innovative solutions in environmental services, FUNDECOR, in conjunction with the government of Costa Rica, has promoted the conservation of forests and the diversification of the livelihoods of families in rural areas, through the conceptualization, design and implementation of a technical - financial model called the Payment for Environmental Services Program.

Agua Tica

One of FUNDECOR´s most recent contributions has been to act as an incubator for the first Water Fund of Costa Rica; a public - private and civil society financial mechanism to remunerate and compensate services provided by nature. Agua Tica, in particular, promotes and monitors mechanisms to reinvest resources in actions of conversation and sustainable land use in the sub-basins of the Rio Virilla and Río Grande of Tárcoles.

Uno de los aportes más recientes de FUNDECOR ha sido incubar el primer Fondo de Agua de Costa Rica; un mecanismo financieros público – privados para retribuir y compensar los servicios que la naturaleza. Particularmente el Agua Tico promueve y monitorea ofrece para reinvertir recursos la inversión de recursos en acciones de conversación y uso sostebible en las subcuencas del Río Virilla y del Río Grande de Tárcoles. 

Forest Law

FUNDECOR developed the basic mechanisms that led to the section on Payment for Environmental Services in Forest Law 7575 of 1996.

PES for hydroelectric power producers

In partnership with private companies, FUNDECOR has made efforts to contribute to the protection of water resources, since 2003.

Specialized agreements have been established to channel PES of private companies, through the generation of hydroelectric power in specific basins, thus protecting natural resources.


Sustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems

FSC Forest Certification

FUNDECOR was the first institution in Latin America authorized by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to implement the group certification of small landholders under an umbrella model.


This certification is for forest landowners who enter into a forest management, reforestation or absolute protection agreement and represents a global landmark for the promotion of sustainable use and protection of forests in the hands of communities and small landholders.

Advanced Timber

Purchase Program

FUNDECOR has fostered a successful model for those owners who decide to either establish forest plantations or commit to the sustainable management of their forestland, through the design and implementation of the Advanced Timber Purchase Program.


The objective of the program is to provide forest owners with increased cash flow during the earlier stages of their investment and thus reduce the risk of changes in land use.

Instructor Training Program

for Latin America

In order to strengthen capacities in Latin America and to disseminate knowledge generated through field experience with forest land owner managers, the FSC and FUNDECOR have developed a Train of Trainers Program for Latin America.

These modules were validated in different countries and replicated with non-governmental organizations that have a track record in forestry and that allow the transfer of knowledge to companies and owners.

Control and protection brigades in the Central Volcanic Mountain Range Conservation Area (ACCVC)

The experience obtained between FUNDECOR and the ACCVC with the control and protection brigades, has made it possible to equip conservation areas with technical and operational tools that establish and strengthen actions, processes or ways that allows to identify, prevent and reduce the impact of threats on natural protected areas.

Operation of non-essential

tourist services

To improve the self-sufficiency of the Costa Rican National Parks, FUNDECOR established avant-garde partnerships in Costa Rica with the departments of the Ministry of Environment.

This initiative improves the tourist experience and invests resources in the infrastructure and services within the Natural protected areas of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range Conservation Area (ACCVC).


Environmental Education

In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Ministry of Public Education, we have worked toward our goal to inspire audiences and build Costa Rica's environmental identity through our environmental education program over the last 18 years. We have designed innovative methodologies of environmental education and capacity building, through programs such as:

an environmental mural contest, educational field trips and the "Carbon Neutral Schools" program.

In 1996, we initiated the educational field trip program, which has become one of the most valuable national experiences in education outside the classroom. These educational field trips are based on study topics found that make up the national curriculum.

Climate change

CARFIX carbon sales model

In 1995, FUNDECOR developed and presented the CARFIX project to conserve existing carbon stock, and increase the carbon fixation capacity of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, through forest management, natural regeneration and reforestation activities.


FUNDECOR´s contribution was pivotal in the creation of the global carbon market.

The CARFIX project gives this market a boost as the first joint implementation project for international negotiations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with the contribution of $ 2,000,000 from the Government of Norway.

Carbon Calculator for Schools

In Costa Rica, FUNDECOR has been a leader in environmental education through the design, validation and implementation of the current environmental education model for schools, with an emphasis on climate change and actions toward carbon neutrality. Through this project, 205 people from the MEP's regional directorates were trained and support was provided for the implementation of the tool in a pilot project including 60 schools.

Technical Assistance in the elaboration of the country´s REDD Strategy

FUNDECOR played an important part in the preparation of the REDD Strategy proposal for the government of Costa Rica, in collaboration with FONAFIFO, the World Bank and the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility.

Forest Ecosystem Observatory

FUNDECOR is interested in establishing key partnerships in the forestry sector and this has resulted in the Forest Ecosystems Observatory, which allows the integration of information, at a national level, from the Permanent Monitoring Plots, thereby facilitating and improving decision-making.


Transfer of Knowledge

International Technical


For years now, FUNDECOR´s work has traveled well beyond the borders of Costa Rica through the development of specialized projects and technical consultancies in Nicaragua, Peru, Brazil, Morocco, Paraguay, Panama and other countries.


 This experience beyond our borders has led FUNDECOR to work in partnership with world-renowned organizations such as the WWF, the Forest Stewardship Council, GIZ, Forest Trends and The Nature Conservancy.

Architexture, Design and Strategic Positioning of "The Costa Rica Green Hub"

As part of our efforts to provide innovative solutions, FUNDECOR has technically and strategically led the project The Costa Rica Green Hub, which has positioned itself internationally as a platform for knowledge transfer in sustainable forest management and ecosystem services.

This positioning is due to the successful amplification and transfer of information, techniques and methodologies that have been developed and tested in Costa Rica.

Programa de Entrenamiento de Instructores para América Latina

FUNDECOR has strived to successfully change environmental paradigms through technical field trips and by coordinating exchanges with authorities and private companies in Costa Rica.

FUNDECOR has shared the country's experiences with over 2,700 researchers, students, official delegations, private companies and personnel from international cooperation agencies from all over the world.

Our track record in numbers

FUNDECOR´s track record over these first 25 years has positioned Costa Rica as a leader among international environmental organizations: